Here are the free services we offer:

Microscope Consulting- Are you confused about what microscope you need for the job? Do you have an specimen that needs to be viewed, but don't know how?  We have an experienced microscopist on staff who would be happy to lead you in the right direction and make all the necessary recommendations. We have the ability to converse and counsel with our clients to find the right match of equipment to your task. Microscopes is all that we do, we simply have more and know more then anyone else.

Build you own Zeiss- In the past, Zeiss microscopes were never purchased in packages. When a person bought a Zeiss, they picked out each piece individually. Everything from the lenses to the type of mechanical stage was selected from a catalogue and used to create a custom microscope. With this in mind, we offer what we call "Build you own Zeiss". We invite you to take a few days off and come visit us in beautiful Sarasota, Florida (home of Americas nicest beach). We will have a selection of used Zeiss parts for you to choose from, which we will use to build you a classic used Zeiss to your exact specifications.

Here is what you will NOT get from us:

"Out of Stock" (ghost listing)- All items you see on our website are in stock and for sale. These microscopes are one-of-a-kind pieces, there is really no such thing.

Bait an switch- When you are looking for a classic used Zeiss microscope, nothing else will do. The other websites use the name Zeiss as bait, then try to sell you an inferior instrument.

Cheap Chinese Microscopes- We only sell classic timeless used microscopes.

Deceptive Warranty- Warranties can be elusive. In our case, we do not make exceptions in fine print. When we tell you this has a two year warranty, we mean on everything but the bulb. Whenever you buy a microscope, insist on and read the details