• American Optical Series 50 Binocular Microscope

    $699.00 $499.00
        I have about 10 of these, this is the younger brother of the AO 10 and was designed for medical school use. The ones I have came from the medical college of Virginia and they come with 10x wide field eyepieces (AO) and a 4x, 10x, and 45x objective. Oil lenses are sold separately and you have a choice of a plan (flat field) or a regular objective. 
        The light source is simple and dependable with only a reliable and simple on and off switch. These switches last decades. Some of the ones I have use an adjustment knob to raise and lower the condenser and they will be sold first. The other stands have a condenser with a limited range, as this was an attempt to teach good microscopy where you use the condenser iris to create contrast, not the knobs. There are also 2 stage dials, one has separate knobs on the top, the other has coaxial controls below the stage and cost slightly more. If you are interested, we will take photos of both and send them to you. This is a rugged and dependable microscope that will continue to last for many years to come.

    At the present time we have 10 in stock.