• Bausch & Lomb Stereozoom

        This is a classic-the most commonly used microscope used in industry. With 10x widefield eyepieces supplied by us, it has a continuous zoom from 7 to 30x. The words work horse, dependable, and quality describe this timeless microscope.
        When I first saw this particular scope, I thought it was hopeless- even for me. Three out of eight mirrors had come loose and had been moving around for who knows how long. Somehow, they survived. Besides that, there was a nasty and dull film on the objectives and the stand mechanics were dysfunctional at best. They looked hopeless but this microscope is well made and it responded well.
        This B&L had been used in the semi-conductor field, as was evidenced by the debris left in its base. Also, whoever used this, had a peculiar habit of resting their soldering iron on the plastic knob. That left its mark and small burns on one knob. You should consider them war wounds, as this sweet scope has defiantly earned its heat. To my amazement, the film lest by constant soldering came off when I polished the lenses. The coding's had somehow survived uncharted. I doubt today's scopes can survive conditions like that. The B&L codings were super hard back then. I clearly remember years ago Olympus eyepieces being extremely thin and fragile, even back in the 70’s. 
        Here's a chance to get a classic B&L Stereozoom that I personally renewed and stand behind. Both the optics and the mechanics are quite good. After waiting for so long, it would be nice to see some beekeeper or other home scientist give this scope a new home and a new purpose.
        I can warranty this B&L for a year, do not keep it in your garage or your basement. Optics like air conditioning and heating. We have about a dozen of these with several options so tell us what you need.

    At the present time we have 12 in stock.