• Will-Wetzlar Monocular

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        You have to see and feel this piece to get the full impact. Simply put, it is a masterpiece. It scream quality, strength, and longevity. Wolf was Carolina Biological's name and they put it on this German microscope made in the 70’s. 
        From the deep beautiful baked on finish, to the gorgeous polished medal objectives. This microscope is an endangered species, as it will never be equaled again. 
        Taller and heavier then its counterparts, this monocular should last for decades with little or no sign of age. It comes with a 10x, 40x, and 100x oil teamed with a 10x widefield eyepiece. I have included a 4x of our own, which is not par focal, but quite usable. A mirror is included, but to make life simpler for you, I have included my modified flashlight light source, which is made to US army specs and uses 2 C cell batteries and comes with a spare bulb. It should last years and is perfect for monocular. 
        I only have one of these and I would like it to go to the right buyer- someone who appreciated quality. The likes of which will never be seen again.