• AO 10 Monocular with Case

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    This piece is truely unique and quite rare. It's a classic AO 10 microscope but with a simple light source, a monocular tube, and a really nice case built of vacuum-form plastic specifically designed for this model. I've only seen one of these in 40 years. The microscope itself is in superb condition and was obviously cherished and cared for. It could not have been used daily in a clinical environment or hospital, as it would not look this good. It was someones pride and joy. There is only one of these, and for someone who travels with a microscope, this cannot be beat. For anyone working at home it's perfect. If you buy it, I will guarantee it for two years including the light (not the bulb), and we will even throw in a couple spare bulbs which will hold you over for years. A highly functional microscope and a collectors item all in one.

    At the present time we have 1 in stock.


    - 10x AO Widefield Eyepeice

    - 4x, 10x, 43x, 100x (oil), AO Objectives

    - Built in 15watt Tungsten Lightsource

    - 1 year complete warranty.