• AO Spencer Stereo Microscope

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    Robust, dependable and built like a Sherman tank. Weighing 11lbs, this microscope is the epitome of what this country once made. The trans illuminated base with its mirror is incredibly useful for people like beekeepers who need to see light from both above and below- working the mirror is an art. It has the original AO 10x widefield eyepieces, which when combined with the 1x and 3x paired objectives creates 10x and 30x respectively. Keep in mind, these are fixed magnifications, which as a rule have more resolution than zooms. As for a light source, any tabletop lamp will work. A cheap gooseneck from Goodwill for $5 will do. This microscope still has decades of use in it, as the mechanics are silky smooth. There is only one of these, making it totally unique.