• Bausch & Lomb ST Monocular


    At one time this microscope was in just about every high school in America, and is known to be virtually indestructible. It come with the original B&L 10x eyepiece, and 10x, 43x objectives. Allowing you a total of 100x and 430x. The plane stage has slide holders and a rotating aperture beneath. Fortunately, the original light source with blue filter is included, which uses an inexpensive and easily obtained 15w bulb and high quality on/off switch. This microscope can easily last another 50 years. Both the mechanics  and optics of these classic microscopes are excellent. While this microscope doesn't cost much, it is extremely high quality.

    I feel confident in providing a 2 year complete warranty (excluding light bulb). An extra bulb is included.

    At the present time we have 3 in stock.