Build your own Used Zeiss Microscope


There are more classic Zeiss microscopes in Sarasota, at our facility, than anywhere else in Florida. If you want a classic vintage Zeiss, I would do for you what I did for my clients back in the 1980’s when I sold and serviced these scopes when they were new. Scientists picked out their parts- optics, stage, light source, even the tube head was all picked out individually. I offer more then that now, as you can come to Sarasota which was named "America's nicest beach" and take your time picking out and building your Zeiss.

As for your choices, I have considerable assortment of Zeiss eyepieces, objectives, stands, illuminators and so on. For a scientist who appreciates quality, it's like being a kid in a candy store. We invite you to take your time deciding- even if it's two or three days. It may even be tax deductible. 

Remember, you will never see the likes of these again as microscopy, like most things, is not what it used to be.