• Nikon Binocular SC

    $399.00 $349.00

    Made in Japan

    This SC was taken in trade from a veterinarian, where it was used daily. It has the original Nikon 10x widefield eyepieces (one has a slight scratch around the outside edge, which does not affect performance). The scope comes with the original Nikon 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x (oil). After testing the 40x objective for resolution, I have decided to include a brand new 40x objective as the original was no longer up to par. There is a built-in variable illuminator. Anyone buying the model of microscope should be aware that the bulbs can be expensive, so we will include one of those bulbs plus a low cost option. Unlike others, we provide bulbs for the scopes we sell. You should never buy a microscope unless you know where to get the bulb. We can give a two year warranty on the mechanics and one year on the electrical.